My Dear Brain oh why you make my life so hard...


New things to feel anxious about: blogging and kpop. What the hell is this? No idea why i get these attacks as these two things have helped me to release some of the pain i've had but now...
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I've decided another thing!

So it seems that drawing porn is not my thing. I get too excited tbh and then half-ass everything to get to the best parts lol. I was doing it originally for my own amusement anyway...

This time I got a thought of doing kpop dance covers for real and put them in Youtube. Credits for this idea go to my muse Racquelle (i was your muse already, now it's your time). I mean i can already dance 18 choreographies and i totes can dance with heels. I've also been lurking other ppl's covers and i just can't be any worse even though i say it myself. By fixing my choreos a little, loaning a better quality camera and finding a suitable place with good lightning and i think i'll do quite well XD Maybe in the summer when i could dance outside too.


So I went there with four other girls. All lovely ladies <3 Ppl who know me won't be surprised that I was the first one in the whole place to dance lol. I actually started already before the doors opened and we continued dancing for five and a half hours. The organizer filmed me at the start and in the overall video you can spot my shoes right in the beginning XD Also, our whole group is at 1:11:
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I've decided

So, I'm not so much into writing fanfics and actually, i don't wanna mess pure idols with my dirty fantasies... so i think i'll start to draw porn comics with a friend of mine! Awesome idea y/y?

Let's see will i ever do it... but first I'll draw my brother's room's walls full of boobs and porn and asses! lolloltrollol.